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A new technology allows mankind to instantly travel anywhere in the universe.

Exogate Initiative puts you in charge of the first exploration program.


Plan, dig and build the infrastructures underground. Carefully place rooms and equipment.


Recruit, train and equip unique specialists with moods and needs. Ensure their physical and mental well-being.


Send teams on  exoplanets to discover the richness the universe has to offer, through interactive micro-stories.

Key features

Plan, dig and build a base inside a mountain with total freedom.

Recruit specialists from 6 different classes to form your teams of explorers.

Each explorer is unique and totally autonomous, with moods and needs.

Procedurally generated universe: unlimited worlds with unique ore, flora, fauna, populations and more to discover.

Handcrafted narrated experiences for unexpected and memorable exploration encounters.

Research samples and specimen to unlock new technologies and income sources.